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To attach the Shade Sail D Ring to a timber/steel pole in conjunction with a S Hook, Snap Hook or D Shackle.

Use Coolaroo fixing accessories to attach Commercial or Everyday Shade Sails to walls or poles.

Coolaroo’s range of fixing accessories are manufactured from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. It is a superior quality steel for outdoors, which will not rust.

What accessories do I need?
The accessories you will need will depend on:

  • Number of points the shade sail has: triangle vs rectangle and whether the shade sail is being attached to a wall or pole
  • Each point must be attached either by a Pad Eye to a wall or by an Eyebolt to a pole
  • An S Hook, D Shackle or Snap Hook (depending on your personal preference) is then used to attach the D-ring on each corner of the shade sail to either the eyebolt or Pad eye on 2 sides of the shade sail
  • The third or other 2 sides of the shade sail need to be attached to either the eyebolt or Pad eye with a turnbuckle for tensioning
  • The Shade Sail needs to be fully tensioned in order to be stable in the wind. A strap tensioner should be used for the initial tensioning and a turnbuckle for final tensioning

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