Insect Screens

Mosquito and insect screen to protect your home   

Insect Screens - range to suit all needs 

Coolaroo's range of insect screens offer protection against flies, mosquitoes
 and other insects,
while still allowing a cool breeze during the hot summer months.

The range of insect screens can be fitted over windows or doors in livingrooms,
babies rooms, kitchens etc.

The DIY Flyscreen kits provide protection over most windows. There are 3
different sizes, which can be cut to fit your window size precisely. 

The Magnetic curtain and Flywire screen are suitable for protection over doors
and our simple, easy to install Easy Insect Screen is perfect for small windows and
temporary installations. 

No harmful poisonous sprays needed to protect your family, just a Coolaroo Insect

Lead Free Material Used

Breathe to keep you cooler

3 Year Fabric Warrantee against UV degradation

Easy Installation




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