Outdoor sun umbrella


Coolaroo Umbrellas - specialised shade fabric canopy blocks up to 90% of UV rays, is durable and easy to maintain 

Coolaroo manufacture long lasting stylish umbrellas that stand the test of time. The canopy is manufactured from a specialised knitted fabric that breathes to keep you cooler while blocking 90% of UV rays for optimal sun protection.

Please Note: Pavers and Bases are not included.

Umbrella Features

  • Long lasting, knitted , fabric
  • Provides 90% UV block for optimal sun protection
  • Reduces temperatures by up to 32%
  • Breathable fabric allows air flow
  • Resists tearing and fraying
  • Resists fading - 5 year warranty against UV degradation
  • Resists mould and mildew
  • Dirt does not adhere to fabric simply hose clean
  • Made to withstand harsh African environment

Coolaroo Umbrellas are available at all Builders Warehouse stores and selected Builders Express Stores. In Namibia, they are available at Pupkewitz Megabuild in Windhoek.


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